Monday, April 20, 2015

Motif of Batik Semen Rama

 Bathik Semen Rama

The translation of the meaning of Surakarta batik patterns that have the teachings of the message content creator. Bathik motif Semen Rama is made during the Pakoe Boewono IV,from year 1787 to 1816, and the meaning of the content of the motive is to remind his son who had been in foster as crown prince.

Bathik patterned "semenan" with name Semen Rama name inspired from the story of King Ramawijaya that provides advice to Raden Wibisana Gunawan, the younger brother of King Dasamuka Alengka village, when will be the King. Advice was then known as "Hasta Brata" which must be owned by a leader.

The teachings contents are:
  • Indrabrata, meaningful about the dharma to give prosperity and protect the earth, which symbolized the form of plant or biological.
  • Yamabrata, meaning that is fair to others. Which is represented in the form of a mountain or in the form of a cloud motif depicting a high position.
  • Suyabrata, meaningful determination, not half-hearted in their policy as well as the sun. Symbolized in the form of an eagle motif image.
  • Sasibrata, provide meaningful information to being overwhelmed with grief. Depicted in the form of animals - animals.
  • Bayubrata, meaning of nobility or high position that does not accentuate power. Which is depicted in the form of bird pictures.
  • Danababrata / Kuwerabrata, meaningful rewards or a boon to the people, as well as 'pulung' or 'ndaru'. Which is symbolized in the figure Heritage.
  • Barunabrata / Pasabrata, meaningful as forgiving. Represented in the form of a dragon, boat, or are connected with water.
  • Agnibrata, means the power to crush the savage and protect the weak. Represented in the form of fire, flames and cemukiran.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Motif of Batik Wirasat

Batik Wirasat

Wirasat have meaning a symbolic in associated with an pray or other application. Bathik is a development of Sida Mulya motif whose content consists of various shades of bathik. Among them: bathik "Cakar/Claw", "Truntum", "Sida Luhur", and "Sida Mulya".

Meaning of this motif, so granted every request, reaching the position of eminence and independent, fulfilled all the material, also request guidance from God when he gets dark so quickly given the solution. Bathik This motif appears simultaneously with Sida Mukti bathik motif during the PB. IV in year of 1800.

At the beginning of this motif used by the elderly, but the development of this motif in the parent community is often used by bride's son in the event 'mbesan'. This motif is a lattice like bathik sido luhur, sido mukti and related to trust.

This is a basic understanding of the concept of power is believed to arise from the universe, as well as of human power. In this geometric pattern bathik symbolizes that the king is a symbol of power and the world, a means of giving revelation embodied by giving rank position to the people.

King also protective laws enacted through. This is illustrated motives meet in the four intersection points form a rhombus, as a symbol of the king surrounded by aides as they are called "Pancaniti" where;
  • King as a Judge,
  • Patih as an Attorney,
  • Poet as the Registrar and
  • Senapati and Ulama as the basis for the balance of the decision.

Or for the Javanese, the four of center is as power of universe, which also:
  • Purwa means east associated with the rising sun means the beginning of everything.
  • Daksina mean peak south as a symbol of life everything.
  • Pracima means west symbolizes the sunset.
  • Kantara means north, symbolizing the end of a life on earth.

Before motif of Wirasat appearing in Surakarta, for Bathik with  geometrically patterned has developed first by the motif of "ceplok".