Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Motif of Batik Ceplok

Batik Ceplok
Ceplokan is mean 'Sekuntum' (in Bahasa Indonesia), commonly used to refer to units of interest (eg: roses 'seceplok' means the batch of rose). In connection with geometric motifs within the scope of the box which is termed a "report card" that can be repeated - again and interconnected. At the time of Sultan Agung of Mataram kingdom XVII century until Mataram of Kartasura  XVIII century, there are several types of motifs ceplokan who has developed and used among the palace as well as the general public.

Meaning motive Ceplokan:   
  1. Bathik Ceplok Lung Slop. The fried Bathik 1 "report card" consist of two patterned box "Lung", while another box motif "Ukel". Lung is said slop means foliage framed. Meaning lung depicting life on earth, that life has its limits. While the frame of meaning is an order that must be executed in the community, regardless of position. This motif appears in period of PB IV,in Surakarta motif originated from the fusion Lung and Parang Klithik named "Ceplok Sriwedari". 
  2. Bathik Ceplok Sriwedari. Principles of Sriwedari motif same with Lung Slop, only motive ukel replaced by Isen-isen Parangan, so in a report card box, have the Lung patterned and patterned of Parangan. Meaning of this motif is symbolizes coolness and tranquility of mind and your family. And this motif can be used for all segments of society and to the status of those who are already married.  
  3. Bathik Ceplok Rengganis. Rengganis is mean Ireng Manis (sweet black), there is also associate with the name of the Goddess Rengganis. Its meaning is a hope, that life given completely sweet. In Javanese culture called "lelampahan kang sarwa manis, eca sakecagesangipun" which means that given a good way of life as well as the adequacy of everything, has a respectable position in society. This motif can be used for all segments of society and the status is used for people who are already have married.

Macam–macam Bathik Ceplok :
  1. Ceplok Sobrah.
  2. CeplokMlathi Selangsang.
  3. Ceplok Cundhuk Wilis.
  4. Ceplok Nagasari.
  5. Ceplok Ereng–ereng.
  6. Ceplok Jamang.
  7. Ceplok Onang–onang.
  8. Ceplok Puspa Tanjung.
  9. Ceplok Sridenta.
  10. Ceplok Angin–angin.
  11. Ceplok Tunjung Karoban.
  12. Ceplok Cara Gelar.
  13. Ceplok Udan Mas.
  14. Ceplok Madusumirat.