Monday, April 20, 2015

Motif of Batik Semen Rama

 Bathik Semen Rama

The translation of the meaning of Surakarta batik patterns that have the teachings of the message content creator. Bathik motif Semen Rama is made during the Pakoe Boewono IV,from year 1787 to 1816, and the meaning of the content of the motive is to remind his son who had been in foster as crown prince.

Bathik patterned "semenan" with name Semen Rama name inspired from the story of King Ramawijaya that provides advice to Raden Wibisana Gunawan, the younger brother of King Dasamuka Alengka village, when will be the King. Advice was then known as "Hasta Brata" which must be owned by a leader.

The teachings contents are:
  • Indrabrata, meaningful about the dharma to give prosperity and protect the earth, which symbolized the form of plant or biological.
  • Yamabrata, meaning that is fair to others. Which is represented in the form of a mountain or in the form of a cloud motif depicting a high position.
  • Suyabrata, meaningful determination, not half-hearted in their policy as well as the sun. Symbolized in the form of an eagle motif image.
  • Sasibrata, provide meaningful information to being overwhelmed with grief. Depicted in the form of animals - animals.
  • Bayubrata, meaning of nobility or high position that does not accentuate power. Which is depicted in the form of bird pictures.
  • Danababrata / Kuwerabrata, meaningful rewards or a boon to the people, as well as 'pulung' or 'ndaru'. Which is symbolized in the figure Heritage.
  • Barunabrata / Pasabrata, meaningful as forgiving. Represented in the form of a dragon, boat, or are connected with water.
  • Agnibrata, means the power to crush the savage and protect the weak. Represented in the form of fire, flames and cemukiran.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Motif of Batik Wirasat

Batik Wirasat

Wirasat have meaning a symbolic in associated with an pray or other application. Bathik is a development of Sida Mulya motif whose content consists of various shades of bathik. Among them: bathik "Cakar/Claw", "Truntum", "Sida Luhur", and "Sida Mulya".

Meaning of this motif, so granted every request, reaching the position of eminence and independent, fulfilled all the material, also request guidance from God when he gets dark so quickly given the solution. Bathik This motif appears simultaneously with Sida Mukti bathik motif during the PB. IV in year of 1800.

At the beginning of this motif used by the elderly, but the development of this motif in the parent community is often used by bride's son in the event 'mbesan'. This motif is a lattice like bathik sido luhur, sido mukti and related to trust.

This is a basic understanding of the concept of power is believed to arise from the universe, as well as of human power. In this geometric pattern bathik symbolizes that the king is a symbol of power and the world, a means of giving revelation embodied by giving rank position to the people.

King also protective laws enacted through. This is illustrated motives meet in the four intersection points form a rhombus, as a symbol of the king surrounded by aides as they are called "Pancaniti" where;
  • King as a Judge,
  • Patih as an Attorney,
  • Poet as the Registrar and
  • Senapati and Ulama as the basis for the balance of the decision.

Or for the Javanese, the four of center is as power of universe, which also:
  • Purwa means east associated with the rising sun means the beginning of everything.
  • Daksina mean peak south as a symbol of life everything.
  • Pracima means west symbolizes the sunset.
  • Kantara means north, symbolizing the end of a life on earth.

Before motif of Wirasat appearing in Surakarta, for Bathik with  geometrically patterned has developed first by the motif of "ceplok".

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Motif of Batik Ratu Ratih

Batik Ratu Ratih

Ratu-Ratih derived from 'Ratu-Patih' (Queen/King and Prime Minister), there is also translated as 'Tunjung Putih' (white lotus/queen who upheld or sworn governor because of his young age). This meaning is like "sesotya ing embanan" in the form of diamond gold ring. In this bathik associated with a glory, personal greatness that can adapt to the natural environment. Bathik can be used by anyone and from any class and fit for banquets. Judging from this bathik name appears in the reign Pakoe Boewono VI, which at the time was a king, he was young and was accompanied by His Patih (Prime Minister) in 1824 AD.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Motif of Batik Baboons Angrem

Bathik Baboons Angrem
This means that the hens are incubating eggs. This Bathik category "Semenan", mid bathik classified. Have philosophy an expectation or request to given children a fitting historical descent. This Bathik can be used for adults of any status. Type Semen black background is patterned big, so when in put the less harmonious for Children.

Motif of Batik Bokor Kencana

Bathik Bokor Kencana

Bokor is mean the copper bowl with wide rim, usually for a bowl of water flowers as completeness ceremony. Kencana means gold. This motif from 'ampilan' of king. When the king sat on the throne always accompanied equipment called 'ampilan' of ceremony brought by the son or grandson of the king who was a child. Son or grandson of the king called 'palara-lara' which means they learn manners.

The significance of this bathik expected to bring dignity and majesty so respected in the community. This motif can be used by all classes of rank in society, both young and old and this motif appeared in the reign of PB IX at the end of the nineteenth century also including  bathik gagrak anyar.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Motif of Batik Semen

Batik Semen Kingkin
That means sad or concerned, this motif including Bathik Semen black background. And implies the atmosphere of concern in life in order to live and application immediately in good sign. Bathik this motif prevalent in the life of people who are already married to all strata of society. For those who are single status unusual wear.

Bathik Semen Kincir
Kincir or also called Kepet that can repel humidity. meaning in Javanese culture, the fan is defined by "Paring Seseger" or can be made to establish peace in the household. Expected to get rid of all the "Reridu" which comes from the lif wearer. This motif can be used in life. Bathik fan Semen can be used for all segments of society old and young. Bathik motifs included in the category bathik gagrak anyar (new type).

Bathik Semen Kukila
Kukila means birds. This motif has the meaning of the teachings of the saints, that the bird is a picture of "babble". With a view teaching is that humans in speech should not make the hurt of others, and Bathik Semen Kukila can be used by anyone, young and old for all events.
Bathik Semen Sida-Raja.This motif classified as mid bathik, developed in the PB IV era. Sida means a hope of implementation of ideals - ideals. King means a high position or power. Bathik is suitable for use in all kinds of events and parties of Upakarti graduation. Bathik Semen Sida-Raja imposed by the regents white background anom upwards, whereas in society worn in formal occasions.

Bathik Semen BuntalIt is mean that in Javanese tradition is a circuit made of the type of foliage like a banyan leaf, leaves excited and so forth. This motif illustrates the diversity of plants on earth, means getting rid of things - bad things that come from the outside, and bring things - things smooth. In this bloated public bathik Semen used by anyone and for the elderly and young.

Bathik Semen RemengRemeng means sanar-vague, between darkness and light. The significance of this pattern is to remind us that in life there are always two things in pairs, such as good-bad, happy-hard and seterusnyamaksud of this pattern gives instructions to us not to do excessive. This includes bathik gagrak anyar and to wear the elderly and the young.

Bathik Semen KakrasanaThis bathik include a new category, since the advent of the reign of PB. IX in Surakarta in the mid nineteenth century. Kakrasana taken from the name of King Balarama/Baladewa small puppet characters son of Mandura King (King Vasudeva/Basudewa). Describe the meaning of courage spirited kumuwula or populist. Bathik can use anyone in the position in the community, both for young and old groups.

Bathik Semen Naga RajaThis bathik is classified as mid bathik growing during the reign of PB IV in the late eighteenth century. Dragon depicts the crowned head with large snake as a symbol of peace, the king showed a high position (kelenggahan sublime) as a symbol of power. The significance of this bathik to maintain order in the domestic life. Bathik Semen Dragon King is a symbol of peace in the exercise of power, providing protection to the people on the basis of love. Inside, the palace bathik white background Semen in use by the regents and above the rank of court employees.

Bathik Semen Candra
Chandra means the moon, which is intended in this motif is the moon that shines at night and significantly high position can provide bright light when dark. In this bathik contained piwulang as having a high position should be able to provide shelter or protection to subordinate or being "kumawula" and not "kumawasa". This Bathik including bathik gagrak anyar and envolve in PB.IX period in the mid-nineteenth century. Bathik can be used all categories of social status and may be subject to the young and old.

Bathik Semen Gendhong
This Bathik including the brand-new gagrak bathik evolve during PB. IX, the end of the XIX century. Meaning of carrying is raised or upheld. Shades of meaning in this bathik is giving symbol or a picture in order to lift a high degree of family. And there is also means that parents must bear his household, this notion is not exactly the reason for not mendidikuntuk independently. This motif can be used for any occasion and can be worn all classes of society.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Motif of Batik Ceplok

Batik Ceplok
Ceplokan is mean 'Sekuntum' (in Bahasa Indonesia), commonly used to refer to units of interest (eg: roses 'seceplok' means the batch of rose). In connection with geometric motifs within the scope of the box which is termed a "report card" that can be repeated - again and interconnected. At the time of Sultan Agung of Mataram kingdom XVII century until Mataram of Kartasura  XVIII century, there are several types of motifs ceplokan who has developed and used among the palace as well as the general public.

Meaning motive Ceplokan:   
  1. Bathik Ceplok Lung Slop. The fried Bathik 1 "report card" consist of two patterned box "Lung", while another box motif "Ukel". Lung is said slop means foliage framed. Meaning lung depicting life on earth, that life has its limits. While the frame of meaning is an order that must be executed in the community, regardless of position. This motif appears in period of PB IV,in Surakarta motif originated from the fusion Lung and Parang Klithik named "Ceplok Sriwedari". 
  2. Bathik Ceplok Sriwedari. Principles of Sriwedari motif same with Lung Slop, only motive ukel replaced by Isen-isen Parangan, so in a report card box, have the Lung patterned and patterned of Parangan. Meaning of this motif is symbolizes coolness and tranquility of mind and your family. And this motif can be used for all segments of society and to the status of those who are already married.  
  3. Bathik Ceplok Rengganis. Rengganis is mean Ireng Manis (sweet black), there is also associate with the name of the Goddess Rengganis. Its meaning is a hope, that life given completely sweet. In Javanese culture called "lelampahan kang sarwa manis, eca sakecagesangipun" which means that given a good way of life as well as the adequacy of everything, has a respectable position in society. This motif can be used for all segments of society and the status is used for people who are already have married.

Macam–macam Bathik Ceplok :
  1. Ceplok Sobrah.
  2. CeplokMlathi Selangsang.
  3. Ceplok Cundhuk Wilis.
  4. Ceplok Nagasari.
  5. Ceplok Ereng–ereng.
  6. Ceplok Jamang.
  7. Ceplok Onang–onang.
  8. Ceplok Puspa Tanjung.
  9. Ceplok Sridenta.
  10. Ceplok Angin–angin.
  11. Ceplok Tunjung Karoban.
  12. Ceplok Cara Gelar.
  13. Ceplok Udan Mas.
  14. Ceplok Madusumirat.