Monday, June 10, 2013

Motif of Batik Kawung

Batik Kawung
The pictorial motif named fruit of palm trees ('kolang-kaling'). Bathik Kawung rectangular geometric form cognition in Javanese culture represents a doctrine of the human life.

At first, this kawung bathik used by among the royal family, but after Mataram splited into two,  this patterns is subject to a different class. In Surakarta this motif used by groups Punokawan and Abdidalem in Priyantaka row, in the puppet characters, this kawung motif used by Semar, Gareng, Petruk & amp; Cumbersome.

The motif variety of Bathik Kawung:
  1. Bathik Kawung Picis taken from the name a denomination of ten cents.
  2. Bathik Kawung Bribil taken from the name a denomination of twenty-five cents.
  3. Bathik Kawung Sen taken from the name a denomination of one cent. The meaning of this pattern is that life will get back to nature Sawung. Thus in ancient tradition of this motif is used to cover the dead.