Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Motif of Batik Ratu Ratih

Batik Ratu Ratih

Ratu-Ratih derived from 'Ratu-Patih' (Queen/King and Prime Minister), there is also translated as 'Tunjung Putih' (white lotus/queen who upheld or sworn governor because of his young age). This meaning is like "sesotya ing embanan" in the form of diamond gold ring. In this bathik associated with a glory, personal greatness that can adapt to the natural environment. Bathik can be used by anyone and from any class and fit for banquets. Judging from this bathik name appears in the reign Pakoe Boewono VI, which at the time was a king, he was young and was accompanied by His Patih (Prime Minister) in 1824 AD.