Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Motif of Batik Baboons Angrem

Bathik Baboons Angrem
This means that the hens are incubating eggs. This Bathik category "Semenan", mid bathik classified. Have philosophy an expectation or request to given children a fitting historical descent. This Bathik can be used for adults of any status. Type Semen black background is patterned big, so when in put the less harmonious for Children.

Motif of Batik Bokor Kencana

Bathik Bokor Kencana

Bokor is mean the copper bowl with wide rim, usually for a bowl of water flowers as completeness ceremony. Kencana means gold. This motif from 'ampilan' of king. When the king sat on the throne always accompanied equipment called 'ampilan' of ceremony brought by the son or grandson of the king who was a child. Son or grandson of the king called 'palara-lara' which means they learn manners.

The significance of this bathik expected to bring dignity and majesty so respected in the community. This motif can be used by all classes of rank in society, both young and old and this motif appeared in the reign of PB IX at the end of the nineteenth century also including  bathik gagrak anyar.